Procedure For All Application-All Courses and Subjects

Making an application for study

All applications for course and subject enrolments must be approved by the Education and Training Council, as the sponsoring body, represented by the Extension Training Officer in your territory, command or region.

All applications for course and subject enrolments must be communicated to your Extension Training Officer for approval. Where application is made electronically, the Extension Training Officer is notified of an application awaiting approval.

The Extension Training Officer oversees arrangements for the ongoing education and skills development of Officers within a territory/command/region.

A student may enroll for one subject at a time. A new subject can be started following the successful completion of other subjects.

On first enrolment, each student is allocated a Student Registration Number. The same Student Registration Number is kept throughout the entire period of study with SALT College. It is important that the correct Student Registration Number is quoted on each subject application and on every assignment submitted.

On each subject application and assignment submitted, it is important that correct name spellings are used, as on the first registration with SALT College. Where there is a change of name, (e.g. through marriage), SALT College must be informed through the Extension Training Officer. Award transcripts and certificates are only issued in the name registered with SALT College.

Studying by distance learning has the advantage of allowing the student to study at their own pace. However, distance learning also has some challenges, and requires good personal planning, and the support of others to succeed. It helps the student to give themselves personal targets for reading, assignment completion, and examination revision. Study plans should be shared with those who the student lives and works with, to encouragement good support throughout the period of study.

For each subject students are given access to study notes, and sometimes to other resources, and directed reading. Subject Study Notes, whether accessed online or by paper copy, comprise the following: a. Ten (10) studies.
b. Informal and formal assignments.
c. Cover Sheets to be completed for each formal assignment.
d. An examination application form.
e. An enrolment form for further studies.