Procedure For All Application-All Courses and Subjects

Writing assignments

Students send written formal assignments to their Extension Training Officer (usually via their local headquarters), and onwards to SALT College for marking by tutors, and return by the same process.

For every formal assignment submitted, an assignment Cover Sheet must be Fully completed, and stapled (or sew) a cover sheet to all of the written work submitted. Paperclips must not be used, which separate easily.

Where stable internet facilities are locally available, assignments may be uploaded to the SALT College website, ready for forwarding to tutors and return to the student. The Extension Training Officer will be advised of the marks awarded for each assignment, and of any concerns arising with the marking, such as plagiarism detection.

Where assignments are uploaded to the SLT College website a similar assignment Cover Sheet will be required, to be completed by the student online.

Students must work through formal written assignments in sequence, starting with assignment No. 1. Assignments submitted out of sequence will be returned unmarked. Learning from feedback given by your tutor on marked assignments is an important part of the subject. It is therefore important to await feedback from the tutor before submitting further formal written assignments.

To aid continuous learning, tutors provide written feedback on assignments work with a percentage grade (%), accompanied by feedback comments. 50% is the required pass mark, for each assignment and for all examinations. Tutors should be considered as providing learning support, with feedback offering valuable opportunities for further learning, and for gaining higher future marks.

Success in a subject depends on completion of formal assignments and an examination. Both parts receive an equal proportion overall of the marks awarded; 50% for assignments and 50% in the examination. Students must be successful in both components to pass the subject.