Procedure For All Application-All Courses and Subjects

Writing Examination

SALT College organises examinations, twice in each year, in June and November. A deadline date is published on the SALT College website, and through the Extension Training Officer, with the final date for the submission of examination applications. For the June exams the deadline is mid-April, and for the November exams the deadline is mid-September.

Students must complete an examination application form, either online or a paper copy (usually found in the center pages of subject notes) before the final date for receiving examination applications.

Students are eligible to sit for an examination following the successful completion of all formal written assignments for a subject. Assignments must be submitted and successfully marked before the deadline date for the next examination applications to be received at SALT College. Each student is personally responsible for following the required process with examination applications.

The SALT College Examination Register is closed one day after the deadline date for receiving examination applications at SALT College. For students not applying for examinations online, the Extension Training Officer remains responsible for forwarding examination applications to SALT College before the deadline date. Applications received after the deadline date are not eligible for the Examination, and will be deferred until the next examination sitting.

Following closure of the Examination Register, SALT College will publish to each territory/command/region the extract of the Examination Register for their candidates.

Examination dates will be published each year on the SALT College website. Detailed examination timetables are notified to students by their Extension Training Officer. It is the responsibility of the student to plan well for examination attendance, and to observe the rules of the examination room.

A Subject Certificate and transcript is issued on the successful completion of assignments and an examination in an individual subject. Following successful completion of the minimum number of subjects in a course (at Foundation, Certificate or Diploma Level) a Course Certificate and Academic Transcript will be issued, ready for endorsement by Territorial/Command/Region Leadership and presentation to the successful student.