Certificate In Salvation Army Ministry

This distance learning course is strongly recommended for those routinely involved full or part time in leadership ministry with The Salvation Army. Subjects are offered in English language, with some available in other languages (French, Portuguese, Kiswahili). Acceptance for the course follows approval by the territory/command/region, based on the student’s educational needs. There is no minimum educational requirement. In order to be awarded a Certificate in Salvation Army Ministry, a student must successfully pass at least six (6) subjects. However, they are not limited in the number of subjects they may wish to take. Each subject assesses personal learning through a combination of written assignments and an examination.

The Certificate Course is appropriate for Officers, as part of their post-Commissioning studies. It provides a continuing cycle of learning, alongside prior residential training, and a sound basis for sustained spiritual leadership.

Subject Summaries:

Old Testament 1

Traces the story of the covenant relationship between God and his chosen people, through the Old Testament.

New Testament 1

Through the eyes of New Testament writers, traces the story of Jesus and his disciples. Out of that small group of people arose the explosive growth of the infant Christian Church.

Doctrine 1

The eleven doctrines of The Salvation Army are studied within an African context.

Management 1

A close look at the principles and practical skills required for managing people: planning; decision making; delegating; problem-solving; team-work; monitoring and evaluation. Property 1

Looks at the principles of property care and management, especially as they apply to properties held by The Salvation Army.

Living Lessons

A study of individual people, found in the Old and New Testaments, with lessons drawn from their lives, for today’s world.

Women’s Ministry

A study of the role of women Christian leaders in Africa today, taken from a biblical perspective, and with a role in The Salvation Army.

Christian Leadership

A study of some important leadership principles for today’s Christian leaders, working in a dynamic local church or mission setting.

Men’s Ministry

A study of what it takes to be an effective male Christian leader in Africa today. Designed for male Officers active with The Salvation Army.