SALT College Diploma In Salvation Army Book-Keeping and Accounts

After gaining a Certificate in Salvation Army Ministry, students are eligible for the award of a Diploma in Salvation Army Book-Keeping and Accounts, on the successful completion of all subjects from the following list. Additionally, the highest achieving student each year will be awarded with the Commissioner Alan Coles Memorial Prize:

Finance 1

Successful completion of Finance 1 (Certificate Level) is a prerequisite, before moving to Finance 2.

Finance 2

Finance 2 builds upon the basic principles learned in Finance 1, underlying double entry bookkeeping, trial balances, income and expenditure statements, and the annual balance sheet. This student is introduced to International Finance and Accounting Standards, and accompanying computer software, universally used by The Salvation Army alongside many other organizations worldwide.

Finance 3

Successful completion Finance 2 is a prerequisite for this subject. Further in-depth work is undertaken in this study, to build knowledge and practice with International Finance and Accounting Standards, and accompanying computer software.

Finance 4

Introduces the student to important principles of strong financial management; forward planning and budgeting; internal and external funding; control of reserves and investments; administrative responsibilities of a Financial Secretary; governance and operational boards; external, international and internal auditing; staffing and training. This subject has extensive reading and writing requirements.