SALT College Diploma In Salvation Army Ministry

Students who have already gained a Certificate in Salvation Army Ministry, and successfully complete a further six (6) subjects from the following list, can be awarded a Diploma in Salvation Army Ministry:


An introduction to Paul’s major New Testament letter to the Philippian church: the purpose of the letter; the setting in which it was written; and the major themes of the letter.


An introduction to the Old Testament book of Daniel, with attention given to the prayers of Daniel, and Daniel’s personal understanding of God.


An introduction to the Old Testament book of Genesis: the purpose for which it was written; the context of writing; and the major themes of the book – viewed in the light of African traditional religion.

Writing for The Salvation Army Press

Introducing a study of journalism, with reference to writing for Salvation Army publications. Students are exposed to skills of writing, editing, and proof reading. Different styles of writing are examined, along with the art of interviewing and photography.

Doctrine 2

A systematic study of the Christian doctrines of The Salvation Army, viewed from their complex and sometimes controversial theological background

Christian Leadership

Examining the principles and dynamics of Christian leadership, applicable in a local church or mission setting

1 Corinthians

Introducing the major ideas contained in Paul’s first New Testament letter to the church in Corinth. Topics studied include the historical setting of the letter, and the theological concerns of the day. Biblical exegesis methods are used, comparing ministry issues, then and for today.