SALT College Diploma in Leadership and Management

After gaining a Certificate in Salvation Army Ministry, students are eligible for the award of a Diploma in Leadership and Management, on the successful completion of all subjects from the following list:

Management I

Successful completion of Management 1 (Certificate Level) is a prerequisite, before moving to Management 2.

Management 2

This study examines the management of people: management styles; monitoring and evaluation; policy implementation and compliance; managing the planning process; encouraging teamwork; managing change; performance indicators; managing committees.

Management 3

Successful completion of Management 2 is a pre-requisite for Management 3. This is a further in-depth study into managerial skills, intended to help students effectively manage both themselves and the teams they work with.

Christian Leadership

Examining at depth the principles, practices and complexities of Christian leadership. This subject carries extensive reading and writing requirements.