SALT College Diploma In Salvation Army Property Management

After gaining a Certificate in Salvation Army Ministry, students are eligible for the award of a Diploma in Salvation Army Property Management, on the successful completion of all subjects from the following list:

Property 1

Successful completion of Property 1 (Certificate Level) is a prerequisite, before moving to Property 2.

Property 2

Encourages pro-active and systematic care for properties. A detailed study of practical property maintenance: identifying and rectifying structural defects in buildings, and using good building materials. This subject covers basic plumbing and sanitation, and electrical and fire protection systems.


Property 2 is a prerequisite for Property 3. A study of the management and administration of properties held by The Salvation Army. It looks at the responsibilities and duties of a Property Secretary: Property Boards and financing; working with property professionals; contracts and building regulations


Property 3 is a prerequisite for Property 4. An Introduction to surveying and architectural skills, and property registration and legal compliance. This subject carries extensive reading and writing requirements.